Workplace Harassment: Engaging in a course of vexatious comments or conduct against a Worker, in a workplace, that is known or ought reasonably be known to be unwelcome.

Sexual Harassment: Any unwanted verbal or physical advances, sexually explicit derogatory statements, or sexually discriminatory remarks made by someone in the workplace which are offensive or objectionable to the recipient, cause the recipient discomfort or humiliation, or interfere with the recipient’s job performance.

It may include, but not limited to:

  • Visual harassment: Inappropriate sexual images or posters in the workplace
  • Verbal harassment or abuse: Repeated requests for dates, lewd comments, sexually explicit jokes, whistling etc.
  • Written harassment: Love poems, letters, graffiti that is deemed suggestive
  • Offensive gestures
  • Subtle pressure for sexual activities
  • Unnecessary touching, patting, pinching or kissing
  • Leering or ogling
  • Purposefully brushing up against another’s body
  • Promise of promotions, favourable performance evaluations or grades, etc. in return for sexual favours
  • Demanding sexual favours accompanied by implied or overt threats to a person’s job, promotion, performance evaluation, grade etc.
  • Physical assault, sexual abuse including rape.