Jaga-Me is committed to providing a safe, healthy and supportive work environment by treating our employees and clients with respect, fairness and sensitivity.

Our harassment prevention policy intends to advise JagaPros and other independent contractors working under Jaga-Me that they are entitled to an environment that is free from harassment, and to ensure recourse in the case of harassment at the workplace.

Our stance towards violence and harassment

The management of Jaga-Me recognizes the potential for violence and harassment in the workplace. We will therefore make every reasonable effort to identify all potential sources of such risks to eliminate or minimize them through our workplace harassment prevention program. 

Jaga-Me will not tolerate any type of violence or harassment within the workplace or during work-related activities. Jaga-Me is committed to allotting whatever time, attention, authority and resources necessary to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and clients to whom we provide care. Jaga-Me will take every reasonable precaution to protect an employee or independent service provider from physical injury or harassment if we become aware, or believe, that violence or harassment is a risk.

Jaga-Me and staff may request involvement of the police and will work cooperatively with the police in matters of workplace violence and harassment.

Complaints or allegations of workplace harassment should immediately be reported to a Nurse Coordinator, supervisor or a person of authority within Jaga-Me.