Payment will be made every 2 weeks.

You will be paid every 2 weeks. The payout will be disbursed on the Friday after the 2 week period. 

For example, for the service period 7-20 November, you will be paid on 26 November.



We have a 4-weekly performance bonus*, to reward JagaPros who are active on our platform:


Bonuses Payout Date

Bonuses are paid out together with the regular payouts. However, bonuses are paid only every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks.

For example, for the service period 7 November - 3 December, you will be paid for your services on 26 November and 11 December. Your bonus for the period (if applicable) will be paid on 11 December.

The cut-off date for calculation of payment is Monday 12am of each 2 weeks.