We do not store your credit card details

When you link your card to Jaga-Me, your card information is stored securely in our third party service provider, Stripe.

Is Stripe trustworthy?

We trust Stripe because it is used by renowned companies around the world e.g Adidas, Deliveroo and Grab etc. It also has the highest technical security rating of PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. For more information on security, click here.

If you don't store my card, then how do I get charged?

We send encrypted and authenticated instructions to Stripe to charge your card. This does not involve transmission of any credit card details, since the required card info is already stored in Stripe's servers.

For any billing and payment enquiries, feel free to contact our Finance Team at finance@jaga-me.com.

Updated as of 8 September 2021