Jaga-Credits allows for fuss-free payments for Jaga-Me services, just by having to make a lump sum upfront payment. Save the trouble of issuing a cheque or running to the bank to make payment for every invoice.

You may top up your Jaga-Credits any time you wish, just send us a "Request to Top Up" through your account from the customer portal, or drop us an email at support@jaga-me.com

You are able to view your available credits in your customer account. 

Jaga-Credits aims to bring convenience to you, and help you focus on caring for your loved ones without the need to stress over making payments! 

As part of our incentives to our patients and families who require long hours or service and/or for long term, purchase of minimum $1,000 worth of Jaga-Credits will allow you to enjoy 10% discount on the total invoice amount.

If you find that you do not need to purchase up to $1,000 in credits but wish to make an upfront payment for your convenience, you may also do so, however, we will not be able to provide the upfront 10% discount. 

Jaga-Credits will expire if they are not utilized for a period of 6 months.

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