Nurses are able to perform both medical and non-medical caregiving, whereas care aides are able to perform non-medical caregiving only

Some things that can be performed under medical caregiving

  • Nasogastric tube change/feeding
  • Indwelling catheter change
  • Wound dressing
  • Intravenous medication 
  • Tracheostomy management
  • Oral suctioning
  • Intramuscular injection 
  • Subcutaneous injection (e.g. Insulin) 
  • Hospital discharge

Some things that can be performed under non-medical caregiving (for patients who are not total dependent):

  • Shower 
  • Assisted oral feeding 
  • Basic transferring (i.e. from wheel-chair to bed/chair/commode and vice versa) 
  • Simple range of motion exercises 
  • Simple cognitive activities for elderly 
  • Check basic vital signs (i.e. temperature, pulse, respiratory) 
  • Basic psychology 

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