To know how much you will get paid for a job, refer to the amount displayed in the app. The total fees you will get for a job will always be reflected clearly in the app before you even apply for the job.

Caregiving services

For caregiving services, we pay by a per-hour basis. However, the pay-per-hour will vary depending on the duration of services required. The pay also depends on whether the job falls on a public holiday.

For RNs, taking on cases with specialised needs also increases your payout per hour.

Payour range for caregiving services:
Care Aide: $15.80 - $25.00 per hour
Enrolled Nurses: $17.80 - $25.00 per hour
Registered Nurses: $18.80 - $32.00 per hour


For procedure cases, the pay again depends on whether it is a public holiday and whether it is a specialised procedure.

Payout range for procedures: