• You choose which cases you want to take.
    Our cases are posted out in the app for all eligible JagaPros to apply for. It’s up to you look through the available cases and choose which cases you want to take based on your availability and confidence in handling the case.

  • You have to use an app
    You’ll need to work closely with our mobile app, so you will need to be comfortable using a smartphone and have an internet mobile plan.

  • Documentation is compulsory
    We are sincere about delivering quality care. That is why we require all JagaPros to write documentation for all their visits to ensure continuity of care.

  • You are not alone
    You might be alone when going down for a case, but we will always be a call away if you need any support. We are committed to ensuring our JagaPros are well supported to deal with challenging situations.

  • You will go into cases prepared
    We will never send you in without letting you know what you are in for. Instructions will be provided on the care needs. You will also be able to review the patient’s information and case history (if available) before going down.