Screen does not redirect back to the App to continue accessing the app.


1. Check if default browser is Chrome.

Our authentication flow uses the default browser of you mobile phone. As most browsers provide by their maker ( Samsung, Xiaomi etc ) are limited in features and insecure, authenticating using such browser will tend to fail . Therefore, we recommend using Chrome Mobile on Android Devices.

  • To check, go to settings and click on "Apps":

  • Click on "Manage apps"

  • Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen

  • Click on "Default apps"

  • Check if Browser is "Chrome". If not, change it to "Chrome".

  • Search and Click on "JagaPros" at "Manage Apps"

  • Restart the App by "Force Stop"

  • After which, click on App at Home Screen to relaunch.

- if the following still fails to resolve the bug, proceed to clear data and relaunch App

- if all of the above fails to resolve the bug, proceed to reinstall the app