7th April 2020 (Updated)

Dear JagaPros,

Provision of masks for JagaPros

With the recent increase in local transmissions and the new Government measures to reduce the transmission of COVID, Jaga-Me will also be stepping up in our provision of surgical masks to our JagaPros who are assisting our patients in the community. 

Starting from 6 April 2020, 1pm, we will distribute a week’s worth of masks for our JagaPros who have been assigned to patients. We will do so on a weekly basis for the whole month of April. 

We want to reiterate that mask-wearing is compulsory for ALL JagaPros while attending to patients and as you commute to and from patients’ houses. We recommend changing your surgical mask after 6 hours of use. It is also a good hygiene practise to sanitize your hands after disposing or touching the used surgical mask.

Non-compliance to mask-wearing and hand-washing for assignments will risk facing suspension from our platform.

Business as usual

We have received many enquiries if the services that we provide are essential or will our operations cease due to the latest announcement. We would like to take this opportunity to allay these concerns. 

As our colleagues in the healthcare institution, the last line of defence, gear up to increase their capacity to potentially handle more patient load in the coming days, we as community healthcare workers have the critical task in ensuring that patients still get the care they need. The community IS the frontline. 

We have patients whose chronic diseases still need help in management, patients who need help with normal activities of daily living (ADLs) and those who need their catheter or tube to be changed periodically. With the outbreak observed in the community, some of our colleagues have responded to the call, helping out in the nursing home and community isolation facilities to assist with the COVID screening and ensure that care for the elderly residents are not compromised.

These are essential but non-emergency care needs that we are able to render in our community so that they can avoid an unnecessary visit to the hospital or reduce their stay in one. 

Home Medical Services & Teleconsultation

Jaga-Me is also happy to announce that we are partnering with some general practitioners (GP) to offer home medical services OR teleconsultation for homebound patients. Should any of our patients require home medical service, please escalate to our Jaga-Me Coordinators.

If patient would prefer a tele-consultation with the doctor, they may download the app using this link: https://www.heyally.com/

Last but not least, the Jaga-Me team would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all who have responded to our last minute requests and those who continue serving our patients in times of need. Let us not give up in doing good!

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