28 May 2020

To: All JagaPros

COVID-19 Testing for Healthcare Workers Providing Home Care Services

  1. MOH informed Jaga-Me on 20 May 2020 that it is expanding COVID-19 testing to a wider pool of healthcare workers as part of its protection and monitoring strategy. It has completed the surveillance tests for all Nursing Home (NH) staff. As the risk of community transmission will increase when the Circuit Breaker measures are lifted, MOH will now extend testing to cover Community Care staff in home and centre-based care services which are in operation or will resume services post Circuit Breaker. This is an additional precautionary measure given that we play an important role in caring for seniors and immunocompromised patients in the community.

  2. A COVID-19 test involves a nasopharyngeal (by default) or a throat swab (for those with specific conditions). All Jaga-Me’s full-time nurses have been trained to perform these swabs and will be performing it for you. MOH has given us a timeframe to complete this test over two days on 3 and 4 June 2020 from 7-8am, 11am-12pm and 2-3pm at 73B Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139966, The Meeting Point "Innovation Room". We understand that the tight timeframe for testing may impact assignments with clients, but we seek your help to fully participate over these two allocated days and will help to communicate to affected clients.  

  3. To ensure we are able to perform the swab collection with safe distancing measures, please indicate your availability by 29 May 2020 for the swab appointment using the form here (https://jaga.formstack.com/forms/covid19_test). We’ll inform you by 1 June 2020 on the confirmed appointment date and time.

  4. If you are working with other agencies, please ensure that you only sign up with 1 organisation (the one that you work most with) for this test. If you intend to join another healthcare institution or stop providing home care services in the next 2 weeks, you can be exempted from this swab test.

  5. Please feel free to contact Hazel at 84996946 (email: jagapros@jaga-me.com) if you have any questions. Thank you.


Best regards,

Jaga-Me Community Team